It’s only been two weeks! Bernick and Schott on politics Ep. 391

This week, Bob Bernick and Bryan Schott discuss the behind the scenes negotiations on a possible medical marijuana compromise.

Lawmakers plot to “fix” what they see as problems with the Better Boundaries initiative. Could they go so far as to repeal the whole thing if it passes in November?

Mia Love and Ben McAdams launch attack ads targeting each other. Is that because they think the number of persuadable voters is shrinking? Plus, Love makes a really weird and stupid claim about why Democrats are targeting her.

Our polling shows most Utahns don’t think President Trump should get another term in office, and half of the voters in the state think Russia has some sort of compromising information on him.

Sen. Orrin Hatch makes some unfortunate statements in defense of Brett Kavanaugh.

Plus, President Donald Trump brags about his big, big brain during a jaw-dropping press conference.