Utah wins first place in Government Experience Awards

For the second year in a row, Utah was awarded first place in the Center for Digital Government’s Government Experience Awards. 

The Center for Digital Government named Utah.Gov first in the Overall State Government Experience category. Utah.Gov services also won an additional award for its notary services and for using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze analyzing resident feedback.

“It is an incredible honor that the Center for Digital Government has chosen to reward Utah’s efforts with first place again,” said Gov. Gary Herbert. “The award recognizes Utah.Gov’s collaborative effort to create strong online experiences and provide superior government services and value to residents of Utah.”

The Government Experience Awards recognize the achievements and best practices of states, cities, and counties that excel at creating useful online government services and applications.The Center for Digital Government is a national research and advisory institute on information technology policies and sets the standard for measuring best practices in state and local government.

“Everyone involved in building Utah.Gov services works very hard to provide the very best value for Utahns by making state government more efficient and accessible,” said Mike Hussey, Utah Chief Information Officer. “The Government Experience Awards demonstrate how we are responding to Utahns wants and needs with increasingly sophisticated online experiences.”

In addition to Utah’s first-place award, Utah.Gov services won awards in the Government-to-Business Experience category for online services for notaries. Utah’s online notary service allows notaries to access online services specific to their needs across multiple channels. The State also received recognition for using AI to analyze resident feedback. The AI technology looked at thousands of comments, ranked the tone of comments and allowed Utah.Gov to find additional areas of improvement and measure user satisfaction.

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