Today In History 10-22-18

  • 1746 – Princeton University, in New Jersey, receives its charter.
  • 1797 – The first successful parachute descent is made by Andre-Jacques Garnerin, who jumps from a balloon at some 2,200 feet above Paris.
  • 1914 – The U.S. places its economic support behind the Allies in WWI.
  • 1938 – Chester Carlson invents the photocopier. He tries to sell his machine to IBM, RCA, Kodak and others, but they see no use for a gadget that makes nothing but copies.
  • 1962 — The U.S. reveals Soviet missile sites in Cuba. Pres. John F. Kennedy orders a naval and air blockade, which causes a confrontation that threatens nuclear ward. On Oct. 28, the U.S. and Russia agree on a formula to end the crisis.