Rideshare subscription plan now offered by Lyft in Utah

As transportation options and preferences evolve, consumers will increasingly choose not to own transportation, but to subscribe to it like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

With the success of a recent subscription pilot and the growing anticipation among users, Lyft now offers a new way to use its services in Utah.

Here’s what that means for Utahns:

The All-Access Plan unlocks more than $450 worth of value

  • $299 for 30 rides up to $15
  • 5% off additional rides
  • If a ride exceeds the $15 limit, passengers only pay the difference
  • Available across all ride types
  • Available in all markets in the U.S.

This is the first step toward delivering on Lyft’s goal of making car ownership optional and they’re constantly looking for more ways to provide passengers with the easiest, most convenient options possible. As the plan is utilized by passengers, Lyft will continue to listen to subscribers and look for further ways to enhance the All-Access Plan experience.


Q: How is this different from the plans you’ve offered as pilots in the past few months?

A: This is the same All-Access Plan we’ve previously offered in a limited capacity. Passengers have access to 30 rides (up to $15 each) for $299 every 30 days. Now, the plan is available to everyone, in all modes. As an added bonus, passengers also get an additional 5% off rides that go beyond the terms of the plan.

Q: What were the learnings from the previous pilots? Did you integrate any of those learnings into this plan?

A: We heard from passengers that they were feeling overwhelmed with the number of transportation options available to them.  Many of them wanted to decide to pay once, subscribe to Lyft and save money by doing so. This inspired our first All-Access tests.  Since then, we’ve listened to and learned a lot from our riders. We heard that passengers wanted to be able to use the plan on all ride types, so we opened up the plan to apply to all modes, including Shared rides. We also saw that many riders were using all 30 rides before the 30 days were over. As a result, we added a 5% discount off any additional rides as a bonus perk for their loyalty.

Q: How much can users save with this plan?

A: The All-Access plan unlocks more than $450 worth of value for passengers. Purchasing the plan gives access to 30 rides up to $15, but also means passengers will get an extra 5% off any additional rides taken within those 30 days.

Q: How do you see people using this the most? Is it enough to replace their car?

A: Subscribing to transportation helps passengers get around for a variety of use cases  – whether it’s commuting, going out, connecting to public transit, or getting around town to run errands. The excitement we’ve seen around our Ditch Your Car program shows people are ready for better alternatives to car ownership.