Chaffetz: Republicans ‘better figure out a few things’ if they want to win in 2020

Former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz says Republicans losing control of the House in the 2018 midterms should be a wakeup call for the GOP.

On Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Monday, Chaffetz says Republicans need to find an answer to rising healthcare costs. He also thinks the GOP needs to do better registering voters who will cast a ballot for them.

“Republicans better figure out a few things. One is how to answer the healthcare question,” said Chaffetz. “The cost of healthcare continues to go up and they’ve got to figure out how to answer that question. They’re going to have to be able match the so-called green wave. Because act blue is an effort to get money to Democrats and you have people that were on the receiving end of some $20 million in a House race for instance like Jeff Denham up in northern California. You got to be able to match that. And the third thing is you better be able to register young people and get them involved and engaged in the party. And the Republicans have been pathetic to absolutely doing nothing to get new people to register. They’ve got to figure that out.”

Chaffetz says Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House again may cause some problems for Democrats in Congress over the next two years.

“She is the money machine and she rules with an iron fist. People are afraid to go take her on if they aren’t going to at some point between the Hispanic caucus and the congressional black caucus and the new young Democrats going to come up. At some point something has to break. Maybe she pulls it off but it will be to the advantage of the Republicans.”

Video below: