National Headlines 12-4-18

Hirono says Democrats can’t connect to voters because they’re too smart (Daily Caller)

Les Moonves Obstructed Investigation Into Misconduct Claims, Report Says (New York Times)

Joe Biden: ‘I’m the most qualified person in the country to be president’ (NBC News)

Kennedy: Ocasio-Cortez ‘Doesn’t Have a Working Knowledge of Basic Economics’ (FOX News)

Michael Avenatti says he’s not running for president (New York Post)

Republican fundraising committee suffered email hack ahead of the midterm elections (CNBC)

Largest police force in the US steps into the drone age (FOX News)

US citizen charged in worldwide fraud conspiracy discovered by Panama Papers investigation (USA Today)

Jeffrey Epstein apology deprives accusers of day in court (BBC News)

At 95, Bob Dole stands up from wheelchair to salute fellow WWII hero George H.W. Bush (Business Insider)

Volkswagen CEO: Trump ‘has a point,’ so we may make cars at Ford plants (USA Today)