Mia Love: ‘My job is not to walk in lockstep with somebody just because they’re sitting in the White House’ (with video)

On Tuesday, Rep. Mia Love asserted her independence from President Donald Trump saying it’s not her job to “walk in lockstep with someone just because they are sitting in the White House.” 


Love was on a panel at Politico’s “Women Rule” summit, where she pushed back against Trump’s claim that she lost because she didn’t adequately embrace him on the campaign trail.

“My policies and principles suggest I don’t follow a person. You should be following a set of principles,” said Love. “When I feel like someone is not representing that platform well, I will call them out on it, it does not matter who they are. If you’re not doing what is great for this country, you are going to have a problem with me.”

When asked if she believed that President Trump understood the problem he has convincing women and minorities to support him, Love fired back “Obviously not!”

Love lost her re-election bid to Democrat Ben McAdams by 694 votes. 

Watch the video below: