Watch: Fox News commentator shuts down Jason Chaffetz for spreading conspiracy theories

Fox News commentator Marie Harf lit into former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz on air Tuesday for spreading “debunked” conspiracy theories.

Chaffetz was reacting to a press conference involving House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer about border security when he tried to claim that Democrats in Congress wanted to abolish ICE and were supporting the migrant caravan. Fox News commentator Marie Harf was having none of it.

Chaffetz: I don’t buy the Democrats want money to secure the border. They wanted to shut down ICE, they were encouraging on the caravan.

Harf: That’s not true. Neither of those things are true.

Chaffetz: It’s absolutely 100% true.

Harf: It’s 100% not true

Chaffetz: It is human trafficking!

Harf: Can I talk?

Chaffetz: You were the one who interrupted me.

Harf: When he says things that aren’t accurate on TV, I’m going to interrupt you.

Chaffetz: What’s inaccurate?

Harf: The Democratic caucus does not support shutting down ICE. Individual members talk about it, but the caucus does not.

Chaffetz: You don’t hear any Republicans talking about that.

Harf: Second, the Democratic party is not supporting the caravan. That is a conspiracy theory that has been repeatedly debunked online. Do not repeat it for our viewers.

Chaffetz: I wholeheartedly believe, in my heart…

Harf: Well, there’s no evidence. In your heart, you might believe that, but there is no evidence. None.

Watch the full exchange: