National Headlines 1-22-19

What makes a liberal want to punch a child? (Spectator)

Peterson says Democrats should ‘give Trump the money’ for border wall (KFGO)

Sarah Sanders: White House not listening to Ocasio-Cortez ‘on much of anything,’ including doomsday prediction (FOX News)

Democrats lurch left on top policies as 2020 primary begins (Associated Press)

Nathan Phillips rally attempted to disrupt Mass at DC’s National Shrine (CNA)

How Twitter could be the death of liberal democracy (The Week)

Vietnam Veteran status of Native American at center of viral encounter in D.C. in question (Washington Times)

San Francisco is a ‘train wreck’ because of the ‘tech sector,’ says Marc Benioff (San Francisco Chronicle)

White House planning to proceed with State of the Union, but details up in the air after Pelosi threat (FOX News)

Congress agitates to end relentless shutdown (Politico)

The super rich at Davos are scared of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to hike taxes on the wealthy (CNBC)