New Poll Shows Younger Voters Lean Left

A new survey shows half of Americans between the ages of 18-33 identify as political independents, but they tend to lean toward the political left.

The Associated Press says a Pew study finds half of those political independents favor the Democratic party. Couple that with the 27% of millennials who identify as Democrats, and you’ve got a majority for the Democrats in that age group…for now.

Paul Taylor, co-author of the report, said they don’t know whether millennial voting trends will stay the same as they get older.

“People can change over the course of their lifetimes,” Taylor said. “At the same time, the behaviors, attitudes, the voting patterns and experiences that generations sort of encounter as they come of age in their late teens and early 20s are important and this generation as political actors has come in three or four national elections in a row now as distinctively Democratic and liberal despite the fact they don’t want to identify that way.”