Watch: Mia Love says Trump’s tweets falsely cast Republicans as racist

Former Utah Rep. Mia Love, who is a CNN political commentator, said President Donald Trump’s racist attack on four Democratic congresswomen is bringing out the worst in Americans, and damaging the Republican party.

“It’s really difficult to help out and defend policy when these things are coming out of the mouth and out of the tweets of the president,” said Love Thursday night.

Love said President Trump’s tweets and the crowd at his campaign rally chanting “send her back” in reference to a foreign-born member of Congress are shameful, and falsely painting the Republican party as racist, and she wished more Republicans would denounce those actions.

“You call it out for what it is. To protect the Republican party, you have to say this is not who we are. We don’t want to be part of this. We don’t want to be associated with this. You hold people accountable tot he platform and the principles of the party. I’m telling you the principles of the party are not racist,” said Love.

Love added the ugly tone that’s rising in American politics is threatening to rip the country apart, and President Trump needs to apologize for his comments.

“I think unfortunately not apologizing, not saying I made these racist comments, is giving people permission to actually say all these things. It’s inciting the worst kind of divisiveness I have seen,” said Love Thursday evening. “The thing that that threatens the United States more than anything else in the world is divisiveness.”

Watch the clip below via CNN.