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Spencer Stokes of Stokes Strategies fills in for Bob this week. He joins Managing Editor Bryan Schott to discuss the major stories in Utah politics this week. 

  • New polling shows most Utahns disapprove of President Trump’s job performance, and just 38% would vote to re-elect Trump in 2020. Does that spell trouble brewing for Trump next year? Could those numbers help Ben McAdams in next year’s re-election bid?
  • Ben McAdams votes against a $15 minimum wage, potentially angering some of his supporters. How big of a political price could he pay for voting as a moderate?
  • Sen. Mike Lee takes fire from Jon Stewart for holding up a vote on reauthorizing the 9/11 victims fund.
  • Rob Bishop says he will make a decision on whether to run for an 11th term in Congress by the end of July.
  • Was the media being fair labeling President Trump’s tweets attacking four Democratic women of color as “racist”?
  • Democratic Thunderdome as the lineups are set for next week’s presidential debates.
  • Plus, beard care tips.


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