United Utah Party announces 2019 countywide conventions

Beginning September 7, 2019, the United Utah Party will be holding county party conventions across Utah. The purpose of these conventions is to elect county officers, help party supporters get to know each other, and work together to build the party in the county.   

“We invite to our county conventions anyone interested in a new alternative to the dysfunctional Republicans and Democrats.  Come join us in building a new political system build on moderation, common sense, and practicality,” said Richard Davis, the UUP Chair. “You will find other like-minded people who want to end the partisan gridlock that dominates today’s politics.”

UUP county conventions are open to the public. However, only those who are registered members of the party can vote on party business at the convention. For those not already UUP members, voter registration can be done in advance at vote.utah.gov or at the door.