Stewart says Democrats have ‘no credibility’ on calls to impeach Trump over Ukraine scandal

20190923 Stewart Fox

Rep. Chris Stewart ripped Democrats over the growing scandal involving President Donald Trump and Ukraine, saying they have “no credibility” on the issue.

President Trump is coming under fire for reportedly pressuring Ukranian leaders to investigate former vice president Joe Biden’s involvement in the ouster of a top Ukrainian prosecutor for corruption. A government whistleblower has filed a complaint about Trump’s interactions with the Ukrainians, but the Trump administration is withholding the complaint from Congress.

Stewart said on Fox News that Democrats are jumping to conclusions.

“The fact is we don’t know what happened here. Adam Schiff doesn’t know. The 87 Democrats running for president don’t know, yet all of them in one fashion or another, have called for impeachment,” said Stewart. “They have no credibility on this at all. It’s a lot like what we saw last week, a lot of the same individuals were demanding Justice Kavanaugh be impeached based on some sloppy and lazing reporting.”

Stewart also said Democrats are starting to push for impeaching President Trump without knowing all the facts.

“What she is looking at is a growing heat within her own caucus where she just can’t turn it back any longer,” he said. “She’s not a fool. She understands what this does and the implications politically. That’s why she has to push back on this.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News.