Stewart says effort by Democrats to impeach Trump will backfire

20190924 Stewart CNN

Rep. Chris Stewart said Tuesday he wasn’t surprised that Democrats have opened an official impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, and he believes the move will ultimately backfire.

“They’ve been trying to impeach this president since literally before he was inaugurated, and I think they’re going to regret it,” said Stewart on CNN. “The American people are going to view this and roll their eyes because it’s going to sound to them like much of the same thing they’ve been hearing for the last three years.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the formal impeachment inquiry after reports that President Trump may have pressured the leader of Ukraine to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his family.

Stewart said if Trump did push for a foreign government to investigate a political rival, it would be wrong but not necessarily illegal.

“I certainly think it would be wrong. And I wouldn’t do it. But I don’t think it’s necessarily illegal,” said Stewart. 

Stewart said he was fully committed to working with Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee to investigate Trump’s actions toward Ukraine to make sure the truth comes out.

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