McAdams calls impeachment inquiry necessary

Ben McAdams 11

Rep. Ben McAdams said Friday that President Trump’s refusal to cooperate with Congress has made an impeachment inquiry “necessary.”

On Thursday, McAdams said he was noncommittal about impeachment, saying it was important to remain impartial until the House finished their work.

On Friday, McAdams said he had come to the conclusion that President Trump’s continuing stonewalling of Congress’ oversight role had made an impeachment inquiry necessary.

“The President’s refusal to further cooperate with Congressional oversight without an impeachment inquiry is regrettable,” said McAdams. “Throughout this process, I have been and remain concerned about the perception that Congress has prejudged the outcome of the process — but an inquiry is necessary to get all the facts on the table. I pledge to remain objective and will reserve final judgment until the process concludes and I call on my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to do the same. We cannot allow this issue to paralyze Washington, and I remain committed to advancing solutions to the problems Utahns sent me to address.”

House Democrats have begun an impeachment inquiry to probe President Trump’s urging of foreign countries to dig up dirt on a political rival.

On Friday, Sen. Mitt Romney said President Trump’s call for China to investigate Joe Biden was “wrong and appalling.”