Romney says it’s ‘increasingly likely’ Republicans will vote to hear from witnesses following Bolton revelations

Mitt Romney 09

Sen. Mitt Romney said Monday morning that the bombshell revelations from former national security adviser John Bolton’s forthcoming memoir will likely push other Republicans to vote to call witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Bolton alleges in the book, which is scheduled for publication in March, that President Trump tied military aid to Ukraine to their willingness to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. 

“It’s pretty fair to say John Bolton has relevant testimony,” said Romney according to The Hill. “I think it’s increasingly likely that other Republicans will join those of us who think we should hear from John Bolton.”

Romney was already leaning toward voting to subpoena witnesses and documents from the White House, saying over the weekend he was “very likely” to vote for that move. Previously Romney said he would like to hear from Bolton during the trial.

The allegations in Bolton’s book undercut Trump’s key defense that his decision to withhold aid to Ukraine was to combat corruption in that country and was not tied to their willingness to announce investigations into his political rivals. 

The Senate is expected to vote later this week on whether to call witnesses in the trial. If all 47 Democrats vote in favor of witnesses, they will need at least four Republicans to join them.