On This Day in History, Sept 2, 2020

(From History.com)

31 B. C. – At the Battle of Actium, off the western coast of Greece, Roman leader Octavian wins a decisive victory against the forces of Roman Mark Antony and Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. Before their forces suffered final defeat, Antony and Cleopatra broke though the enemy lines and fled.

1885 –150 white miners in Rock Springs, Wyoming, brutally attack their Chinese coworkers, killing 28, wounding 15 others, and driving several hundred more out of town.

1945 – Japan surrenders, bringing an end to WWII. The surrender came after the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan and Russian forces overwhelmed Japanese positions in Manchuria.

1945 – Hours after Japan’s surrender in WWII, Vietnamese communist Ho Chi Minh declares the independence of Vietnam from France.