Webb’s Wrap: VP defends Trump better than Trump does himself

It’s rather interesting that Pres. Trump’s vice president defends and explains Trump’s policies and successes better than Trump does himself.

The debate Wednesday night between Republican VP Mike Pence and Democratic VP nominee Kamala Harris was hyped as perhaps the most important VP debate ever. Many pundits have noted the age of the two presidential candidates and Trump’s COVID-19 illness, and speculated that one of the VP candidates may likely ascend to the presidency.

Certainly, they will be among frontrunners for party nominations in the future, should they choose to run.
Overall, I thought the debate lived up to the hype. It was a very good discussion between two well-prepared and articulate candidates. It was focused on policy and ideological differences, and some sharp exchanges occurred. But there weren’t many personal attacks, few rude interruptions, and no name-calling.

Both candidates made some good points and put the other on the defensive. Voters were able to clearly see the contrasting positions on issues and the differences in conservative and progressive political ideologies.

Personally, on most issues, I agreed much more with Pence than with Harris, and I think Pence did better in the debate. Those who are more progressive and like the Biden/Harris positions will argue that Harris won.

It really doesn’t matter much who won, because the debate won’t make a big difference in the final election results. People will still vote for the presidential candidate, not the vice-president.

But it did show that Trump’s policies and successes can be defended, explained and celebrated pretty well by a normal, thoughtful and articulate Republican who isn’t hindered by a lot of Trump bluster and egomania.

Parting Shot. The flat-out refusal of the Biden/Harris ticket to say whether they would pack the Supreme Court is a crystal-clear indication of how important the court is. If the Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett, the Democrats plainly want to preserve the option to pack the Supreme Court. They are terrified of what a conservative-majority court might do. Packing the court would be an incredibly radical move. The fact that they want to maintain that option should be alarming.

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