Webb’s Wrap: Total control by Democrats? Grab some popcorn and watch the fun

A real possibility exists that the Democrats will win the presidency and the Senate on Nov. 3 and control all of Washington, D.C.

If that happens, a lot of Republicans will be devastated (especially those who get booted out of office). But after wiping away their tears, they can console themselves by considering how much fun it will be to watch the Democrats try to govern and keep their unruly factions together.

When they have absolute control, Democrats will fight among themselves nearly as much as they have against Republicans. That will be even more true if Democrats eliminate the Senate filibuster. That would create a political playground for the Democrats, where they could do anything they wish.

Their long-held dreams could come true: Pack the Supreme Court. Enact statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. Impose a carbon tax and eliminate fossil fuels. Repeal Trump’s tax cuts. Attack and break up big businesses. Raise trillions in new taxes. Enact a public option on health care. Provide free college and a host of other free stuff. Fund abortions with taxpayer dollars. Abolish ICE. Eliminate right to work laws. Crack down on police.

Those are not just wild-eyed ideas. They’re nearly all in the Democratic platform and/or the Sanders/Biden “manifesto” that Biden endorsed to win Sanders’ support.

Of course, not all Democrats are nuts. That’s why there would be civil war within the party. But there aren’t enough moderate Democrats to hold back the tide.

The Democrats are fully capable of dramatic overreach and alienating normal voters. That’s what they did during Pres. Obama’s first term by enacting Obamacare, and they never recovered. While Obama himself was re-elected, Democrats lost more than 1,000 seats in Congress, legislatures and governorships during Obama’s presidency.

Democratic leaders understand the danger of overreach, but they will be in the fight of their lives with the left wing of the party.

So, if things go badly for Republicans on election day, grab some popcorn and watch the epic saga of Democratic rule of America.

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Good reads.
  *   Stephen Moore, in a Wall Street Journal essay, makes a novel suggestion: For the next stimulus bill, instead of collecting $2 trillion in taxes and then sending it back to various people, businesses and groups, why not just cut taxes by that amount? Eliminate the middleman. Leave the money in citizens’ pockets. There are some problems with this approach, but it’s a provocative suggestion.  Read the essay HERE.

  *   The Economist has an interesting story on Sweden’s approach to combatting COVID-19. It’s a more complicated approach than is often portrayed.

Parting Shot. Trump really ought to debate Biden next week. He’s hurting himself if he holds to his stated refusal. It’s entirely possible he’s just posturing as a negotiating tactic, but he ought to debate whether in-person or virtual. However, the Debate Commission should not have unilaterally switched to a virtual debate without consulting with the candidates. The commission has the authority to make these decisions but they should be made collaboratively.

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