Situational Analysis – November 5, 2020

Welcome to Thursday. My inbox is strangely quiet. I was hearing daily from friendly people like McAdams, Wilson, Cox, Peterson, Gingrich, Trump, McSally, Tillis, Ernst, Rubio, Cruz, Trump Jr., Scott, Collins, Coryn and others, all just seeking a little financial support. Now I never hear from them. Was it not true friendship? Were they just after my money?


Today legislative leadership elections will be held (11/5/2020)
13 days to the Board of Canvassers meeting (11/17/2020
40 days until the Electoral College meets (12/14/2020)
76 days to Inauguration Day (01/20/2021)
76 days to the start of the 2021 Utah Legislature (1/19/2021)
121 days to the end of the 2021 Utah Legislature (3/4/21)

Trivia Question Answer
Political trivia guru Ron Fox asked this question on Monday: Who was the man named governor of the territory of Utah who was confirmed by the Senate and his commission signed and sent to him, and he refused to take the appointment?

Several readers got the answer right, but Mac Haddow got it first. Late in 1854, Pres. Franklin Pierce offered Col. Edward J. Steptoe the governorship of the Utah Territory to replace Brigham Young. Steptoe did not receive the actual letter from Pierce until March 1855. By that time he had already decided to turn down the offer. Instead, he was promoted to major of the newly formed 9th Infantry Regiment.