Situational Analysis – Nov. 12, 2020

Welcome to Thursday. I’m so old that I remember when we almost always knew the winners in virtually all races by at least the wee hour on election night. But that was well before computers, sophisticated software and instant digital/mobile communications made everything faster and more efficient.


5 days to the Salt Lake County Board of Canvassers meeting (11/17/2020
11 days to the State Board of Canvassers meeting 11/23/2020 at noon
33 days until the Electoral College meets (12/14/2020)
54 days to Utah inauguration day (1/4/2021).
69 days to the start of the 2021 Utah Legislature (1/19/2021)
70 days to presidential Inauguration Day (01/20/2021)
114 days to the end of the 2021 Utah Legislature (3/5/21)

Trivia quiz answer

Monday’s question was from Dave Buhler: “Who was on the first Utah governor/lieutenant governor ticket to be elected in tandem, and what was the year? Doug Foxley was quick to get the answer right: The ticket was Norm Bangerter and Val Oveson in 1984. Doug has a good question for next Monday.