Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Is the Tea Party Waning?

2014 has not been kind to the Tea Party as many of their candidates are losing in primary elections across the country. Our “political insiders” and readers weigh in on whether this is the start of a long-term decline for the Tea Party or just a temporary setback.

Selected anonymous comments:

“The Tea Party is the only political philosophy that has The Triple Package, the key to success outlined by Amy Chua in her new book by this name. The Triple Package, which results in some cultures achieving greater success than others is: 1) have a a superiority complex, 2) insecurity, and 3) impulse control. The GOP establishment is missing 2 and 3.”

“On a national level the Tea Party appears to be in decline, but in many areas, local politics have been hijacked by the Tea Party. In Utah, many county governments are now in Tea Party hands and we’re starting to see the ramifications (San Juan ATV ride, Iron County wild horses battle). The Tea Pot is still boiling, and will continue to do so in many places in Utah for quite some time.”

“It is possible that there will be a split in the party creating a weaker GOP and a Tea Party.”

“One issue candidates have a hard time winning elections.”

“As a GOP operative for the last 15 years, I am glad to see the Tea-Party shenanigans fail. Their agenda was always just a complement of shenanigans. ‘We hate (fill in the blank)’ ; ‘We have no thoughtful agenda…’ Nonsense.”

“The Tea Party is built and based on half truths and outright lies, but then so is the so called GOP establishment. Both the tea baggers and the national Republican party are an embarrassment to democratic government for the people.”

“The Tea Party will always be around, even if veiled in a different name. It’s a small, vocal minority constantly looking for relevance.”

“The Tea Party is in decline. Irrelevant or not, there should be hope a few diehards stick around for the entertainment value. Establishment Republicans are typically not very entertaining.”

“There is developing a balance developing in the Republican Party. While many want to cast this as a loss of power by one group or another, I see it as a renewed unity in the party that should frighten the Democrats.”

“We can only hope that the Tea Party is on the way out and Mike Lee with them. We need to replace Mike Lee with a traditional Republican who has the ability to get things done rather than shut things down.”

“Yes, the Tea Party is finally being seen for what it is: a fringe movement that would rather stop government altogether than participate in it. No wonder Tea Party candidates are losing – they have little to offer but a brittle ideology. On the other hand, the GOP establishment is still trying to figure out how to deal with the new constituencies (women, Millennials, GenX’ers, Hispanics) on whose vote elections increasingly turn.”

“The GOP brand offers few credible solutions to inspire swing voters, unpopular second-term President notwithstanding.”

“Because the Tea Party is in decline and they know it they will become more shrill, more extreme, and will – as they are wont to do – attack fellow Republicans with more fury. Sadly their actions will help ensure GOP victories are limited.”

“The Tea Party has always been part of the Republican party, and though their explicit influence waxes and wanes. The Tea Party remains an important part of the Republican ‘Big Tent’.”

“The conspiracy theories of the most vocal Tea Party members along with poor candidates are the reason for the losses. I never thought the GOP establishment ever lost control of the party, so they also didn’t regain it. The GOP is in disarray without the Tea Party.”

“The rumors of the Tea Party’s demise were greatly exaggerated.”