National Headlines 6-3-14

Harry Reid knew of Bowe Bergdahl deal before release (Politico)

Book: Obama told donors he might be in ‘strong position’ to amend Constitution (The Hill)

WH apologizes to Senate intel chief for prisoner swap secret (The Hill)

Not-yet-candidate Hillary Clinton to hold town hall event (USA Today)

No worries: NSA chief says facial recognition program is totally legal (Ars Technica)

NRA Scolds ‘Weird’ People Brandishing Guns in Coffee Shops: 4 Blunt Points (Bloomberg)

Arizona abortion restrictions to remain blocked (Associated Press)

Arizona congressional candidate changes name to Cesar Chavez (FOX News)

Seattle Council Unanimously Passes $15 Minimum Wage (Heartland)

Pentagon: Russian fighter came within 100 feet of US reconnaissance plane over Pacific (Associated Press)

48 trillion US $ needed by 2035 to meet global energy needs: International Energy Agency (Economic Times)