Lee: Shutdown Talk a ‘Darned Lie’

Sen. Mike Lee rebuts the Democratic- and media-driven narrative that his effort to defund Obamacare amounts to a threat to shutdown the government. 

Reports Politico:

Pushing back against the Democratic line that his drive to defund Obamacare could lead to a government shutdown, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) told supporters it was a “false narrative based on an absolute lie” and vowed to continue his efforts.

“I need you to help communicate a message, a message to defeat a false narrative based on an absolute lie that has been perpetuated by the political ruling class elite in Washington, D.C., that’s been dutifully reported by an all-too-willing-to-comply media, and that lie that the effort to avoid funding Obamacare is an effort to shut down the government,” Lee said during a town hall meeting on Thursday night. “It’s a darned lie and I reject it.”