Podcast: A Conversation With Justin Harding

Photo courtesy of Marty Carpenter

Justin Harding spent 14 years in Washington, D.C., most recently in the employ of Rep. Jason Chaffetz, before returning to Utah to become Gov. Gary Herbert’s chief of staff.

“You contract a case of ‘Potomac fever,’ and I guess my fever has been cured,” said Harding of his decision to return to the Beehive State.

Harding’s former boss, Rep. Chaffetz, has a chance to be named the chair of the Oversight Committee during the next Congress. Harding says giving up that potentially plum assignment in order to come back to Utah was difficult, but he feels he made the right decision.

“If this opportunity (to return to Utah) was right, then it was right, no matter what.”

Harding also talks about how partisan gridlock is ruining Washington and what books he’s reading.

Listen below.