Utah Democrats Launch Attack Website Against Mia Love

The Utah Democratic Party is joining the fight over the 4th Congressional District seat, launching a website taking Mia Love to task.

The website, NoLoveForMia.com, describes Love as "too extreme" for a number of groups, including students, families, taxpayers and seniors.

The attack website is clearly labeled as paid for by the Utah Democratic Party and it features a prominent fundraising appeal for the party at the top of the page.

David Hansen, Mia Love's campaign manager, tells Utah Policy.com that most of the things raised on the website are just retread attacks against Love that Democrats used in 2012.

"Negative, slash and burn tactics like this are the reason people don't like politics," said Hansen. "Gimmicks like this is one of the reasons why congress is so dysfunctional. Mia has said from the beginning her campaign will attack problems not people.  Utah voters want to hear how candidates are going to deal with issues, not attack their opponents."

The website is subtley targeting minority voters, which has been a focus for Utah's Demcorats this cycle.

This photo is prominently featured on the site – 


A quick Google Image search finds that it's a stock photo from Shutterstock titled "Happy attractive Hispanic family portrait."