Should Utah Legalize Medical Marijuana?

According to a new poll, a majority of Utah voters favor legalizing cannabis for medical use.

Reports the Libertas Institute:

“We were honestly quite surprised by the results,” said Connor Boyack, the Institute’s president. “We expected most Republicans in Utah to oppose cannabis for medical needs, and yet more of them support it than oppose it. We are excited to see this proposal develop further, as we strongly believe that individuals should be able to pursue the medical treatments they and their doctors feel would work. No caring individual can look at a child like Jennifer’s and argue that the one treatment that might help him should be denied to him.”

The poll also asked respondents what their religious affiliation is, providing interesting data on how overwhemingly those of Utah’s predominant faith support criminalizing marijuana. For example, 71% of registered Utah voters who are Mormon oppose legalization in general, and 34.5% oppose it legalization even for medical uses—numbers that are far out of sync with the rest of Utahns.