Dirty Political Tricks Abound in the Final Days of the 2014 Campaign

You gotta love the final days before an election when both sides start throwing around accusations of dirty politics.

Take for example a mailer in the Salt Lake County Council race between Democrat Jenny Wilson and Republican Micah Bruner.


Yikes! Look at that photo of WIlson next to the professional headshot for Bruner.

The mailer comes from the Utah Republican party. Bruner has denied any involvement, but Salt Lake County Democratic Party Chair Richard Jaramillo isn't buying it.

In a press release Jaramillo said “Bruner is full of it. We all know how negative ads work. Those disclaimers allow Bruner to deny his involvement, but the GOP wouldn’t send it without checking with Bruner. Clearly, Bruner is fine with dirty politics as long as he doesn’t get tagged for it.”  

The Utah GOP reiterated Bruner had nothing to do with the mailer because they can't coordinate with candidates without triggering spending limits.

On the other side of the aisle, Republicans are crying foul about a mailer sent out attacking GOP candidate Sophia DiCaro in House District 31 where she is running a strong campaign against incumbent Democrat Larry Wiley.

The ad, sent by the Utah Democratic Party, also features an unflattering picture of DiCaro.

In an emailed statement, Republican Party Chair James Evans unloaded on Wiley and the Democrats. 

“It’s a shame that in one of Larry’s last acts as their representative, he's attempted to deceive the constituents of his district.  Voters should be appalled that the Utah Democrats have stooped their dirty campaign tactics to an even lower level."

Don't worry folks. It will all be over soon.