Local Headlines 11-10-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: Will the real Jason Chaffetz please stand up?

Op-ed: World Conference of Families does not spread fear

Op-ed: Election winners must govern for all

Op-ed: If Ebola comes, Utah’s health system is prepared

Editorial: More women must run

Mia Love’s next challenge: A gridlocked Congress

Mia Love: Utahns care little about race

Timing could be right for a San Rafael Swell state park

Harry Reid not a worthy Mormon? LDS Church, Dems cry foul

New schools superintendent not afraid to be unpopular

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Midterm elections: Christmas came early for politico nerds

Michele Straube: Daggett an example of cooperation in land debate

Henri Sisneros: Salt Lake police chief stresses using as little force as possible

Robert Bennett: Are Republicans now up to ‘governing’?

Drew Clark: A vital opportunity for Republicans to act on immigration reform

W. Bradford Wilcox: Marriage is big, unheralded factor in Republican voting patterns

Miles Moretti: Conserving multiple species at once

John Florez: Business must walk the talk on education

Editorial: Citizens still ‘airing’ their views, desires on air quality

Editorial: Careful consideration of prison sites should include state’s current site

Pleasant Grove to explore other options after bond for new fire and police station fails

Utah charter schools see ‘explosive’ growth

What will the latest same-sex marriage ruling mean for Utah?

Report: Uninsured children in Utah could benefit from Healthy Utah plan


Mail-in ballots a hit? (Logan Herald Journal)

Op-ed: Why I work for Attorney General Sean Reyes (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: The search for election parity (Standard-Examiner)

Farmington, Centerville shun mass transit study (Standard-Examiner)

Smith lobbies state school board for vote of support (Standard-Examiner)

County gets new commissioner, now Davis Chamber needs CEO (Standard-Examiner)

Donna McAleer wins Summit County, loses elsewhere (Park Record)