National Headlines 11-24-14

Chuck Hagel’s resignation underscores defense rifts (Politico)

Will Republicans go nuclear? (Politico)

Michèle Flournoy tops short list to replace Chuck Hagel (Politico)

McCain: ‘Hagel was very, very frustrated’ (The Hill)

Cruz to Obama: Pick Lieberman for Pentagon (The Hill)

How Obama and Chuck Hagel reached the end of the line (The Hill)

First Take: Hagel exit signals a return to war footing (USA Today)

D.N.C. Picks New York City as a Finalist for Its 2016 Convention (New York Times)

Landrieu hitting field before Monday Night football (CNN)

University Of California Students Protest Tuition Hikes With Massive Campus Walkout (Huffington Post)

Gov. Brown names top Obama administration lawyer to California Supreme Court (San Jose Mercury News)