Chaffetz Tangles with DHS Chief on Immigration Reform

Rep. Jason Chaffetz and other Republicans got into a bit of a verbal spat with Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson over President Obama's executive action on immigration.

Johnson told the House Homeland Security Committee that Obama was on solid legal footing when he took action to keep an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants from being deported.

From The Hill:


The congressman played a video clip that showed Obama, during a speech in Chicago last week, saying to a heckler, "What you’re not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law."

Chaffetz said Obama was admitting that he had not just simply acted within the law, but changed it outright. 

"He acted within our existing legal authority," Johnson responded. "Listen I’ve been a lawyer 30 years. Somebody plays me an eight-word excerpt from a broader speech, I know to be suspicious."

After a pause, Johnson added, "That was very nice."