National Headlines 1-11-15

Bush and Romney: Ready to rumble? (Politico)

Blue billionaires on top (Politico)

Top Obama military adviser: No al Qaeda link to Paris attacks (The Hill)

Former Intel chairwoman: Major attack on US ‘in the realm of possibility’ (The Hill)

Clinton now ready to embrace President Obama on economy (The Hill)

Paris shooting: As world leaders march in Paris, United States represented by ambassador (AFP)

Holder mum on report Petraeus faces felony charges, as senators rally for the ex-CIA director (FOX News)

Feinstein to Justice Department: Don’t charge Gen. Petraeus, he has ‘suffered enough’ (Washington Times)

Halving The Price Of Oil Makes Keystone XL More Important, Not Less (Forbes)

Idea for natural gas terminal in waters off New York, New Jersey rankles fracking critics (Associated Press)

Was 2014 Really the Strongest Year of Job Growth Since 1999? (Wall Street Journal)