Poll: Utahns Support Campaign Contribution Limits

An overwhelming majority of Utahns want campaign donation limits placed on state-level candidates in Utah.

Unlike with federal candidates, in Utah there are no limits on how much money a candidates can take from a donor or how much that donor can give to a candidate.

Our UtahPolicy.com poll finds 68% of Utahns would favor placing donation limits on statewide or legislative candidates.


House Minority Leader Brian King (D-Salt Lake City) is sponsoring legislation to limit contributions to $10,000 to statewide candidates and $5,000 to legislative candidates. HB60 also limits how much can be donated to political parties.

King says these poll numbers confirm what he's long suspected.

"People believe it's important to stop the influence unregulated money can have on office holders and candidates," said King. "Most people think that if there are not limits in place it creates an atmosphere where donors can influence candidates once they are in office."

King's idea seems to have widespread support across ideological lines.

  • 61% of Republicans support limits
  • 88% of Democrats favor capping contributions
  • 71% of independent voters like donation limits

King's bill was killed by an interim committee in November, but he's bringing it back for the 2015 session.

Utah is one of four states with no limits on how much donors can give to candidates.

The survey was conducted December 2-10, 2014 by Dan Jones and Associates among 609 Utah voters. It has a margin of error of +/- 3.97%.