House Puts Bill Designating Official State Dog in the Pound

It was not quite afternoon, but it was a bad dog day for SB53 in the House Rules Committee on Wednesday.

The bill naming the golden retriever as the state dog was struck from the rules list, and so at least for now it will be held in the committee and not advance toward being adopted.

Rep. Mike Shultz, R-Hooper, said he believes that the House just has more important work to do as the final two weeks of the 2015 Legislature approaches on Thursday.

Sen. Aaron Osmond, R-South Jordan, barely got the Senate to pass his dog-naming bill, 15-12-2, but not after a few of his upper body colleagues said there was more important items before the Legislature.

While the House Rules took the dog-naming matter seriously, the debate was not without a few puns.

“I want this go to out” for floor debate, said Rep. Jacob Anderegg, R-Lehi, “so I could amend it an put the word “hot” before “dog.” Thus, the golden retriever would be the official state hotdog.

Rep. Brad King, D-Price, was the only Rules Committee member to vote against removing SB53 from the standing committee hearing list.

“I’m always for the underdog,” said the Democrat.

Osmond could still get his bill heard this session – by either getting the House Rules Committee to act on it, or, after sifting the final week, getting Senate GOP leaders to put SB53 on the Senate’s preferred list – meaning Senate leaders want the bill heard on the House floor.