National Headlines 2-26-15

Boehner vs. McConnell (Politico)

Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid will meet with Bibi (Politico)

GOP drafting bills to avoid shutdown (The Hill)

Landmark Internet rules approved (The Hill)

Ted Cruz seeks role of ‘disruptive app’; some colleagues would hit delete (Los Angeles Times)

Law Puts US Capital at Heart of Legalized Marijuana Debate (Voice of America)

Chris Christie Turns to Media-Bashing at CPAC Gathering (ABC News)

Telecom industry slams FCC net neutrality move (FOX News)

Ted Cruz slams Obama, Clinton in fiery CPAC speech (USA Today)

Loretta Lynch passes key Senate hurdle. Set to be next attorney general? (Christian Science Monitor)

Khaled al-Fawwaz, accused member of Al Qaeda, convicted for role in U.S. embassy bombings (New York Daily News)