National Headlines 3-1-15

Rand Paul wins CPAC straw poll, with Scott Walker right behind (Politico)

Politicking in America is nothing new for Benjamin Netanyahu (Politico)

Kerry contradicts Rice: Netanyahu is ‘welcome to speak’ in US (The Hill)

Graham helps kick off AIPAC with UN funding cut threat (The Hill)

Gauntlet awaits Internet rules (The Hill)

Congress passes stopgap funding for Homeland Security (Wall Street Journal)

Scott Walker admits to flipping on immigration (Associated Press)

Homeland Security funding drama darkens U.S. fiscal outlook (Reuters)

Pot calls kettle black: Rahm on Chuy’s property tax vote (Sun-Times)

Former Democratic Governor Wants 2016; Takes Shot At Hillary (FOX News)

Colorado Sold 17 Tons Of Retail Marijuana In First Legal Year (Huffington Post)