Dems Praise Chaffetz’s Bipartisan Leadership Style

Democrats say Rep. Jason Chaffetz is delivering on his promise to bring a new level of bipartisan cooperation to the House Oversight Committee.

Reports The Washington Post:

Chaffetz said Friday that he hopes to continue the cooperative tone — a rarity on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are currently struggling to find agreement on legislation to keep the Department of Homeland Security funded — throughout the remainder of this congressional session.

“When you’re in the majority, we have the numbers, if we’re gonna vote on something we’re gonna win,” Chaffetz said. “If we’re issuing letters and subpoenas they’re gonna see them anyway, so we have made a better product by getting their input.”

“It’s just basic common decency, and it pays off in a big, big way,” Chaffetz said. “And it works because Elijah Cummings is an exceptionally nice and decent person.”

Chaffetz pointed to a recent IRS hearing, during which Cummings used his opening statement to praise the Republican lawmaker for his fairness — even though the hearing was one that Democrats likely would have rather forgone.