Romney: 2016 Run ‘Didn’t Feel Right’

Mitt Romney tells Yahoo News he is not mounting a campaign in 2016 because it didn't "feel right."

Romney spoke with Katie Couric. He tells her he would love to be president, but he realized he was not the right person to "carry the Republican torch."

Romney did have some things to say about the potential GOP field in 2016, though.

“A lotta young people are very excited about Rand Paul. And of course, there’s a libertarian strain in my party, and he’s connected with a lotta folks who wanna see us take a different course as a party,” Romney said. “I mean, more power to him as he expresses his views.”
Romney said he does not plan to endorse anyone in the crowded Republican field, but he called Bush “a sound, effective governor” and “a very formidable and capable candidate.”