Dave Hansen Gears Up to Challenge Utah’s Popular Governor

In an interview, Dave Hansen tells National Journal why he decided to sign on to manage the gubernatorial campaign of Overstock.com chairman Jonathan Johnson, who would have to unseat Gov. Gary Herbert in the GOP primary.

Writes Karyn Bruggeman:

Hansen said he has nothing against Herbert but a desire for change grounded in his belief that governors should not serve more than two terms, which Herbert hasn’t technically done yet. Herbert became governor in 2009 when then-Gov. Jon Huntsman resigned to become the U.S. ambassador to China.

“Do I think that Utah’s been doing well? Yes. Do I think it’s been because of who was serving in the governor’s office? I don’t know necessarily that’s true,” Hansen said. “I think that the legislature, I think the entrepreneurs and the business people in the community probably have a greater responsibility for the economic stability that we have here in this state. And I think that Jonathan can continue to make sure that Utah prospers, and I think with some new ideas and some fresh ideas will help.”

There is a rather large roadblock in the way, though. A January Utah Policy survey conducted by local pollster Dan Jones showed Herbert with sky-high approval ratings: 74 percent among registered voters and a whopping 89 percent among Republicans.