Obama to Visit Utah This Week (Updated)

The White House has confirmed to UtahPolicy.com that President Barack Obama will speak at Hill Air Force Base on Friday..

Utah is one of the two states the president has yet to visit during his tenure in office. The other is South Dakota.
In a statement a White House official told UtahPolicy.com – "On Thursday, April 2, the President will travel to Louisville, Kentucky for an event on the economy. On Friday, April 3, the President will visit Hill Air Force Base in Utah for an event on the economy. Further details about the President's travel to Kentucky and Utah will be available in the coming days."
Mr. Obama's visit to Utah would be the first to the state by a sitting president since George W. Bush came in the summer of 2006 for the American Legion national convention.
Obama did make a fundraising stop in Utah during his first run for the White House in August of 2007. His wife, Michelle, also made a fundraising visit to Utah in February of 2008.