White House Mix-Up Got Some Random Guy Into a Meeting with President Obama

Whoops! A mix-up in communications with the White House resulted in some guy named Marvin getting into a closed-door meeting with President Obama when he visited Utah last week.

A Reddit commentator says his friend's company got an invitation for someone to attend the roundtable discussion at Hill Air Force Base with President Obama, Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Rob Bishop. According to the story, the company thought they wanted a representative of the firm instead of the CEO. That's how Marvin, who worked in the CAD department, ended up in the room.

Here's the picture of the meeting. The red arrow is pointing to Marvin.

I still haven't had a chance to talk to my friend in the picture. but I have learned that the event did not have a lot of communication beforehand. it sounds like the leaders of the company sent him because he is in the air force and part of the speech Obama gave was about employing veterans in our industry. It wasn't known by our company before hand obama wanted our representatives input in such a small group meeting.

You have to wonder how many people in marketing and communications at the firm have lost their jobs because of the missed opportunity.