Utah State Tax Commission Sending Letters of Verification

Many Utahns are receiving questionnaires and letters from the State Tax Commission in an effort to verify their identification before tax refunds are sent.

There have been an unusual number of attempts by fraudsters this year to steal taxpayers’ identification so they can steal tax refunds, says Charlie Roberts, spokesman for the Tax Commission.

“People should respond promptly to these letters or questionnaires in order to receive their state income tax refund,” he added.

Roberts said the Commission asks that taxpayers send information to verify their identity or they are requested to answer questions over the Tax Commission’s secured website.

“We understand some may think that these letters and questionnaires are an attempt to obtain information illegally. However, that is not the case. It is necessary for them to properly respond in order to receive their state tax refund. Unfortunately people’s refunds will be delayed until the questionnaire is completed and submitted,” Roberts added.

Taxpayers can be assured that any information being sent to an email with tax.utah.gov address is going directly to the Tax Commission.

If taxpayers have further questions about the validity of the letters or questionnaires, they may contact the Tax Commission directly at 801 297-2200.