For the First Time More People Like Obamacare than Dislike It

A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows 43% of Americans feel favorable about Obamacare while 42% remain opposed. That's the first time more favor the law than oppose it.

National Journal says as you might expect, support for Obamacare is sharply divided along partisan lines. 70% of Democrats favor the law while 75% of Republicans see it unfavorably. Independents are divided with 42% in favor and 46% against.


The poll also asked about the public's current policy priorities, finding that, across party lines, the top priority was making sure expensive drugs treating chronic conditions are affordable to those who need them. Price and consumer issues topped the list, coming before Obamacare questions.

The public remains divided—again largely along party lines—on what Congress should do about Obamacare. Slightly less than half want Congress to expand the law or keep it as is while about 40 percent want Congress to either repeal or scale back the law.