National Headlines 5-19-15

Bobby Jindal vows to issue religious-freedom order (Politico)

Conservatives press case for immigration reform (The Hill)

Republicans in showdown over NSA spy program (The Hill)

Los Angeles gives preliminary approval to $15 minimum wage (Reuters)

Hillary Clinton Finally Takes Reporters’ Questions in Iowa (National Journal)

Exclusive: U.S. House Benghazi panel subpoenas former Clinton White House aide (Reuters)

Pro-Walker super PAC offers perks to $1 million donors (USA Today)

Boehner, McConnell split over NSA bill (CNN)

As impasse continues, House again extends highway funding in short term (Washington Post)

Boehner: ‘Hope Is Not a Strategy’ to Defeat Islamic State (Voice of America)

Can GOP keep up with shifting demographics among supporters? (Christian Science Monitor)