Utah.Gov Launches Newly Redesigned Website

The official website for the State of Utah recently unveiled a newly redesigned website. The goal of the redesign is to break down barriers between city, county, and state services, allowing online visitors to complete their business when and where they need.

“Government should always look for the best ways to serve people and today that means providing services and information online," said Gov. Gary R. Herbert. "Utah.gov has received high praise for its services and accessibility, and we must be sure to continue to build upon that success.”

After years of studying how Utahns use the website, designers have a greater understanding of how visitors want to interact with government online. As quick, frequent, online interactions become the norm for residents, they demand the same from government. The new Utah.Gov was redesigned to create unique entry points for simple, positive interactions with state government that provides local information and services based on the location of the visitor’s computer or device.

In order to help citizens find what they are looking for online, Utah.Gov has included the following featured sections:

“We are always looking for new ways to help the citizens of Utah get more from state government,” said Mark VanOrden, Utah State Executive Director, Department of Technology Services. “Utah.Gov has a reputation for delivering superior online solutions that enhance citizens interactions with state agencies.”

The new website delivers an integrated government experience that is localized, personalized, and individualized. Citizens can quickly get information and services for every level of government that serves them.