Rep. Mia Love Statement on TPA Vote

Friday, Rep. Mia Love voted with the bi-partisan majority to approve TPA (Trade Promotion Authority), to give the United States—not China—the advantage in our global trading system. It would also level the playing field for American workers and business. 

Rep. Love emphasizes the bill is merely a first step in a multi-step process to create trade agreements.

“My vote for TPA is not about immigration, about TPP, or any other trade agreement,” Rep. Love said prior to the vote.  “TPA explicitly guarantees that no trade agreement can go into force without separate, congressional approval for each deal.”

“Now, America will be at the table for trade negotiations,” Rep. Love added.   “Without this, China would fill the void that the United States would leave.”

In fact, any vote on a trade agreement is still months away.  The TPA bill allows our trade negotiators to complete TPP, which puts it on a ‘slow-track’, not the ‘fast-track’ the unions are saying it is.

“There has been a lot of confusion about the TPA bill, and that is unfortunate,” Rep. Love observed.  “Here are some things I’d like people to know.”

  • The bill is not about giving the President more power.  To the contrary, it brings Congress into the process of creating our trade agreements.
  • The bill will help us sell more American products and services across the globe.
  • The bill has nothing to do with immigration.   Those claims are a scare tactic by opponents.
  • The bill sets congressional negotiating objectives on a range of issues that are necessary to create high standards for a trade deal.
  • The bill gives Congress the power to direct trade deals through a public process.

“I feel TPA is an essential tool in promoting a healthy American economy,” Rep. Love said.

“Without this, we have no roadmap for any future trade deal.”