Utah is the 3rd Best State to be Unemployed

A new analysis says Utah is one of the best states in the union to be without a job.

Wall Street 24/7 looked at four factors to come up with their rankings including unemployment rate and the number of people on unemployment insurance.

Utah ranked #3, meaning people aren't out of work for long.

3. Utah
> Pct. unemployed getting benefits: 
28.0% (tied– 9th lowest)
> Pct. average weekly wage covered: 43.9% (3rd highest)
> Unemployment rate: 3.8% (4th lowest)
> 1-yr. job growth: 2.8% (8th highest)

A high job growth rate coupled with a low unemployment rate make Utah one of the best states for eligible workers looking for a job. It took 13.4 weeks for unemployed Utah residents to find a job, 3.3 weeks less than the national average. While only 28% of Utah’s unemployed received insurance benefits, those who did received $352.41 per week, the 12th highest dollar amount in the country. Also, the benefit covered 43.9% of the average weekly wages, the third highest such coverage.

North Dakota and Hawaii ranked above Utah while Minnesota and Iowa rounded out the top-five.

On the bottom end of the scale were Virginia, Arizona, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi