Utah.Gov Launches ‘Doing Business in Utah’ Initiative

The Governor’s Office of Management and Budget has simplified the process of locating services applicable to each business industry by grouping all 500-plus online services into industry classifications. 

The “Doing Business in Utah” online initiative was part of a nine month project to redesign the state website, Utah.Gov, and help agencies improve performance.

“We want to simplify the process for creating successful businesses in Utah," said Gov. Gary R. Herbert. "Efficient state government helps businesses create high quality jobs and improve the quality of life in Utah.”

GOMB created a task force involving top managers from eight agencies with the most business interaction. The task force developed the idea for consolidating service by industry type. A primary obstacle identified during development was that a particular business may need to navigate between many different agencies in order to obtain licenses required for operation.

When entering the new business portal at Utah.Gov, users select and view relevant services from 37 category types. Whether the visitor selects financial, construction, or any other industry, only the applicable and relevant services are displayed. This initiative reduces the burden and friction that sometimes comes with regulatory compliance.

The project creates a “one-stop” portal where businesses can:

  • Find, obtain, manage and renew most or all of the state licenses and permits required for them to do business

  • Save time and expense for companies doing business in Utah

  • Reduce administrative costs

  • Improve customer service

The state of Utah has received numerous national accolades for its positive business environment including a recent study that found 91 percent of businesses say Utah.Gov saves time. In addition, 86 percent of businesses say the service provided through Utah.Govmakes it easier to do business.

To learn more visit www.Utah.Gov.