Biskupski Outraising Becker, but Still Trails in Money Race

Jackie Biskupski out-raised Mayor Ralph Becker in the most recent campaign finance filings, but Becker still has more than three times as much cash on hand.

According to the latest reports, Biskupski pulled in $194,124.35 to Becker's $176,751.53. The most recent report comes after Becker's controversial ouster of former Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank.

However, Becker ended the reporting period with $380,978.95 on hand while Biskupski ended with just $100,419.77. 

Biskupski's fundraising has spiked since Becker forced Burbank out on June 11. Since that time, she has pulled in nearly $43,000 while Becker's donations totaled just under $18,000. 
Burbank's ouster came as a result of a sexual harassment case against a deputy police chief accused of inappropriate behavior toward three female officers. Those charges were substantiated, and Burbank placed the deputy chief on paid leave until he reached retirement age instead of demoting him. The three female officers involved have filed suit against the city.
Biskupski has plenty of time to ride that fundraising boost. The primary election to winnow the field down to two candidates is on August 11 while the general election is on November 3.